Dance Section: Rules

Please also see the General Regulations.


Our Adjudicator for 2018 is Jodie Clark

Provisional dates for 2018 are Monday 5th to Thursday 9th March, then Saturday 10th to Monday 12th March 2018. 

Please NOTE: For the Dance Section, after 14th January 2018 late entries will only be accepted if there is time in the scheduling, even if a double fee is paid.
No entries will be accepted after 1st March 2018.
Ballet: No pointe work is permitted for competitors under 13.
Character: May be danced in any manner the subject demands and the technique must be appropriate to the character.
National: Must be authentic and belong to a recognised country.
Contemporary: Dances should be based on the techniques of Graham, Cunningham and recognised contemporary leaders, showing strength and mobility with use of gravity.
Bronze and Silver Medals
In these Medal classes, the Ballet and Character items must be those danced in the qualifying classes.
Gold Medal

This is not a qualifying class. A Prize of £150 will now be awarded to the winner of the class if a mark of 87 or over has been obtained. If the adjudicator considers that the winning performance is sufficiently exceptional to be awarded a mark of 90, then a Gold medal will also be awarded. Compulsory steps are required in the Gold Medal. Please see Medal Section for full details and requirements.

Age Limits
The age of the eldest competitor in Duets, Trios, Quartets and groups determines the correct age group. Age is taken as from 1st September of the previous year. (See General Rule 2) In medal classes, performers will not be allowed to dance if they are under the minimum age.

Competitors may perform ONCE only in their age group in each dance technique in any section apart from groups, where they may dance in a maximum of two (2) groups within each dance class. A maximum of 3 groups per school.

No furniture or properties are allowed, except those that can be carried and quickly set in place by performers or helpers. Construction of scenery or props on the side of the stage is prohibited. No real flowers or leaves will be allowed or confetti, or talcum powder or similar. Disregard for this rule will result in the disqualification of the item.

Entries in all classes which exceed the time limit will be penalised. Time will be checked from the 1st note or word of the accompaniment, or if it should occur first-the first movement of the dancer and until the dancer’s last movement at the completion of the dance.

Classical Classes
In group dancing, Tap and Modern are not allowed

No re-dance is allowed at 10 years or over. At under 10 years, when a re-dance is requested, this will be allowed only at the discretion of the adjudicator.

No singing is allowed except in Song and Dance and Cabaret Classes.    

All chaperones must be over 18 years of age and must wear their badges at all times. Failure to wear a badge may result in the chaperone not being allowed backstage. Please note that children must be accompanied at all times in the auditorium, in the dressing rooms and at the side of the stage, preferably by a licensed chaperone or in exceptional circumstances by a parent or guardian.

Footwear, Makeup and Changing
Footwear must be worn in all areas of the theatre at all times. Extreme care must be taken backstage and whenever possible have a covering on your feet to avoid accidents.
The Theatre also reminds you that changing, applying makeup etc is not allowed in the front of house, toilets, auditorium and restaurant.

You are advised that drinks backstage must have a lid or be in a secure container.

Backstage Etiquette
A document is available outlining suggestions for behaviour in the theatre.
Movement behind the back curtain is not allowed during a performance.
No more than 3 competitors and partners will be allowed in the stage area at a time, accompanied by a chaperone, and they must leave the area once they have danced. They may return to the stage area 4 numbers before the end of the class.
In group classes, only the group performing will be allowed in the stage area.

Recordings and Backing Tracks
The White Rock Theatre advises that you can use the following formats: CDs (these must be of a good quality and CD R, not RW)It can also be in a WAV format or MP3. Mini discs are also acceptable.
Recordings must be in good condition and a duplicate must be available. It is recommended that all recordings are backed up on an MP3 player and a track list is provided to avoid problems for the sound engineer.

The festival reserve the right, that should they deem the entries in Solos, Duets, Trios , Quartets and Groups to be oversubscribed then the class will be divided, likewise if the classes are undersubscribed, age groups may be linked.
You must complete the name of your dancing school in the place indicated on your Entry Form. No entry will be accepted without this information.

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