Welcome to the Singing section.

The Singing Section has always been a vibrant part of the Hastings Musical Festival. This is not really surprising, as the Festival was founded in 1908 “for the encouragement of choral singing”.

Now 110 years down the line it is still a very busy section with a trend over the years to steady growth, starting with the introduction of classes for Show Songs in 2001 and then more recently our Pop Vocals classes in 2006.

In 2017 the introduction of new classes continues - Class 2093 is a new class called Cabaret Standard... for songs that don't come from a musical (age 13 and over).

Class 2062 age is now under 16 instead of 18

Class 2068 age is now 8 and under 10

Class 2072 age is now 10 and under 12

Class 2076 age is now 12 and under 14

Class 2332 is now 16 and over

Class 2266 is now 15 and over

The choir section age groups have been recategorised and go with class years rather than age of children in order to include all pupils in the same class

Also, don't forget the classes which were new last year:

  • A Gilbert and Sullivan Class for young singers under 18 years (Class 2062)
  • Two classes for  Folk Groups, which we hope will prove attractive to the many folk groups in Hastings and its surrounds (Class 2260 Unaccompanied Folk Song Group and Class 2262 Instrumental Folk Group with Singers Optional)
  • Our Folkfest will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 11th March in the Sussex Hall of the White Rock Theatre when we shall be enjoying our four existing Unaccompanied Folk Song Classes for all ages, together with our new Folk Group Classes. Our adjudicator will be Kenneth Roberts.
  • Singing Gold Medal....not a new class, but a very new approach. The winners of seven of our prestigious adult singing classes will be invited to sing in the Gold Medal Class 2276. The prize on offer will be £150 for a winning mark over 87 and the Gold Medal for the qualifying mark of 90.

For further information about the Singing Section please see our Syllabus, available from The White Rock Theatre, Hastings Information Centre or B&T Keyboards, Hastings, also Second Spin, Bexhill, or Chandler Pianos, Rye. Or online.


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